Lord Daniel Day Douglas

Lord of Galeon's Vault, protector of the map.


Lord Daniel Day Douglas is a Knight of the Republic of Morodoc. His charge is to protect the lands under Galeon’s Vault. Father of Doug Douglas He is well loved, and known to be hands on when it comes to solving the issues of the region. He was well known as a hero of the Second Wave War, and a scourge to goblin kind.

20 years ago, the prosperous lands he protected were set upon by terrible harvests. And so, Lord Douglas set out into the mountains to seek out the source of their region’s water supply. He did not return for many years.

He ventured farther into the mountains than any man had dared go for hundreds of years, and what he met there was evil. He found an ancient holy temple dedicated to Jevez The Lightbringer, what he discovered inside however was the taint of darkness. The temple had been abandoned long ago, and into had moved a Vampire agent of Majin The Undertaker. This Vampire had used a cursed artifact to taint the spring that provided Galeon’s Vault with pure water. Lord Douglas was able to trap the Vampire in the temple, thus thwarting his greater plans, but at the cost of his return home, and he was unable to remove the curse from the spring. A minion of the Vampire recovered Lord Douglas’ sword (Lost in the conflict with the Vampire) and took it as a prize.

When this minion was defeated by Champstein Dale and Ratherford Lord Douglas’ sword was recovered. This led them to the mountain temple where he was trapped. The Vampire was killed by Champstein, Ratherford and Red Landsfield and the curse on the spring was removed. The band of heroes returned Lord Douglas to Galeon’s Vault where he has resumed rule.

Lord Daniel Day Douglas

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