The Great Forest Serranzia

Serranzia, or “The Elfwood” as the mortal folk call it, is a massive wood, about 1.4 thousand miles from east to west and 950 miles from north to south at the longest measurements. It is bisected by a great river aptly named the Serranzia River. It is here that the Elves live in their Unnamed Elven Kingdom. Very few mortals know where the Elven cities lie, and those who do only know so because they are trusted enough to keep their locations a secret.

The Forest is divided into three major sections:
East Forest – which encompasses the area East of the Serranzia River
Mid Forest – Which encompasses the area West of the river, and ends East of Drowline
West Forest – Which encompasses the area West of the Drowline.

Elthensia – There is one city known to the party as the seat of the Elven High council. Elthensia is located in the East Forest.
Ester’s Fountain
Hearth Vale – A Halfling village in West Forest, sight of an abandoned Warforged factory.

Other Inhabitants

  • Halflings
    While the entire wood is considered domain of Elves, Halflings also live deep within its borders. They exist in many small pocketed communities, pacifistic, and under the protection of the ancient Elves.
  • Humans
    Humans are permitted to dwell in the wood, but only at the fringe of it, and not many do. Most who do are hermits and frontiersmen preferring to live off their own skill and hard work, rather than the machine of society. There are, however, a few small communities that live where the Elfwood meets the Riverlands in the Kingdom of Riverhold and tend the fruitful orchards there.


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