Serrade is an continent similar in size to North America located on the plane of Grae. In the center of Serrade lies a massive forest called Serranzia or as Humans and Dwarves call it: The Elfwood. The continent is bordered by the Exodus Ocean to the East and the Darkwell Ocean to the West, and the Gilded Sea to the Southeast.

There are six major kingdoms on the continent. Starting firstly with the Unnamed Kingdom of Elves which lay within the boarder of Serranzia. North of the great forest is hilly and mountainous Republic of Morodoc inhabited and ruled by humans and dwarves. In the Northeast is the Kingdom of Lothar inhabited and ruled by the first humans to come to Serrade. In the Southwest in the river-lands and the northern gulf is the Kingdom of Riverhold. In the Southern deserts and gulf lies the wild Empire of Rathsia. Lastly, along the Western coast and within the Esterange Mountains is the Dwarven Kingdom of New Karguin.

There are many Languages in Serrade

The Northern Boundary

The northern lands of Mordoc are mountainous from coast to coast forming a natural boundary. These mountains are called The Blacsteel Mountains, and as things stand currently no one crosses that range nor dares to venture too deeply into it. It is a well known fact that the continent of Serrade goes northward of Morodoc for many miles past the Blacsteel Mountains, but that is where the dwarves came from in their Exodus. No Dwarf who survived these times will speak of what horrors they escaped. It is below this boundary that people refer to as Serrade, even though it is in reality only about half of the continent’s true size.


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