Republic of Morodoc

Republic of Morodoc
Morodoc is a large republic that reaches from the Eastern edge of the Esterange Mountains to the Western hills of The Kingdom of Lothar, from the Southern Mountains of Blacsteel to the Northern edge of the Serranzia. It’s main populationis comprised of Humans and Dwarves which lives in and around the capital city of Morodon. There are many smaller cities, towns, and strongholds, however, serving as ports of safety in the hard traveled and rocky lands that make up most of the Republic.

The Government, called the Republic Council/ Morodoc Senate, is run by elected councilors from six districts from across the country. The humans and Dwarves also each elect a Minister respectively. Each Minister spends two years in one of two roles: Minister of War or Minister of Law. After two years they switch roles for another two years, and then it is time for another election.

Origins and History of Morodoc

Morodoc started as large swaths of unsettled mountain frontier. The Dwarves left their over populated Kingdom of New Karguin to carve out their fortunes mining the ore rich Blacsteel Mountains, and came into direct opposition of Human settlers looking to do the same and make a new life in Serrade. These frequent run-ins turned into land disputes that started tense and over time became bloody. Soon there was all out war. This war lasted three years, until the Elves came out of the Elfwood and mediated the conflict. Peace has now existed between the two peoples for nearly 70 years at this point.

The Humans and Dwarves soon after struck ground on a new city right on the dividing line of the war as a symbol of peace. The Republic’s ideals are formed around the concept that through working together any adversity can be overcome. A sentiment that speaks to a real anxiety in Human and Dwarven society, both populations fleeing their homelands from a hostile forces.

Military, and Wars
Morodoc has a standing military of about ten thousand Humans and Dwarves, affectionately reffered to as “The Folks Brigade”. The majority of Dwarves are foot soldiers, while humans make up cavalry and archers, small numbers of both are members of the the “Castin’ 1st War mages”.

While no other nation or kingdom has entered into open war with Morodoc, as it exists as a symbol of peace, there has been two distinctive occasions when the Republic has needed a military. Both occasions were the result of a Goblinoid uprising.

  • The First War
    The first uprising was shortly after construction began on the capital city. The goblins of the Blacsteel Mountains had it pretty good looting and living off of the death provided during the Human/Dwarf war. Since the end of that war, they decided to attack the fledgling country. The war was short, lasting only 7 months, and ineffective due to a lack of organization of the side of the goblins. All it really accomplished was forging a stronger bond in the new uneasy alliance of Humans and Dwarves.
  • The Second Wave War
    The second war started fifty six years later. The country was strong by that point, but the goblins had bolstered their forces, and even showed rudimentary signs of discipline. Goblins had been joined by smarter Goblinoids such as Orcs and Bugbears. The war lasted for five years and just ended 9 years ago.

Cities, Strongholds and Towns of Morodoc

  • Ferngate – a small farming village that was once supply depot during the Human/Dwarf War on the Human side. The mansion that was inhabited by a Lord at the time of its operation has since been abandoned and burned to the ground.

Republic of Morodoc

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