Morodon is the Capital of The Republic of Morodoc and lies where the line between the Humans and the Dwarves used to divide territories in the Human/Dwarf War.

Population: 85,000
Governed By: The Morodoc Senate
Defenses: High Stone walls, a series of districts that can be closed off
Army: A standing army of 10,000 Humans, Dwarves.
City Guard: 4,000 humans a Dwarves, all trained.

Morodon was founded at the end of the Humnan/Dwarf War when the [[Elves}] negotiated a peace between the two races. The location of the city was chosen as a symbol of peace, rather than it being the most ideal place to strike ground on a capital.

Morodon is the hub of all trade between humans and Dwarves, as if often plays middleman in trade between New Karguin and Lothar. Morodon benefits from Morodocian mining and agricultural resources, though much less the latter due to issues that have befallen Galeon’s Vault in the last few decades.

Morodoc is a human city that sits atop a Dwarven one. With over 50% of the homes and businesses located underground. While it is true that Humans prefer to live above ground and the Dwarves under, there is still quite a bit of mixing depending on profession and status.

The city is designed to with stand siege, as districts can be walled off the deeper underground you go.


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