High Lotharian – Only Old Blood nobility speak this, and usually only in ceremony or heated debate.
Old Lotharian – Used to be the common tongue in Lothar before the exodus, very few speak this anymore.
Lo’Cras – a mix between Old Lotharian and Crastillian, it became the common tongue when the two human cultures of the Old Wold made the journey to Serrade.

Crastillian – The Barbarian tongue of the Crastic Tribes, it is law that every child of River Hold must learn it, though most do not use it unless in the presence of outsiders.
Lo’Cras – Most speak this due to extended interaction with Lotharians.
Seaspeak – Barely more than a trade language, very few poems written in Seaspeak.

Morovan – A Blended Language of Old Lotharian and Dwarvish.
Old Lotharian – When the humans came to Serrade, many had the frontier spirit and headed West immediately, they did not learn Lo’Cras because they didn’t stick around.
Free Dwarven – Derived from Ancient Dwarven. Still the preferred language used by Dwarves.
Goblin – Many Goblinoids live in the hills/mountains

High Soltaas – Is the surviving language of the arcane tribe that unified the Empire. It is only spoken by the Rathsia caste, and is forbidden for any other caste to use.
Santrade – Spoken mostly by the Menchatti and Pridech caste. It used to be the Desert trade language, but has since evolved to a full and complex tongue that eventually ousted the many tribal warrior languages and dialects when the Empire was unified.
Southwind – Used by the common folk, the Gruken. It was the language brought North from beyond the Loveletter Desert. It has changed over time, and no one remembers its true name or dialect.
Kenderspeak – Spoken by the old Halflings of the Island Confederation, still used by their descendants today.
Seaspeak – Used commonly in the Gilded Sea, especially when dealing with River Hold.

High Elvish – Used by the High Elves
Elvish – Used by the Wood Elves
Halfling – Used by Halflings
Lo’Cras – Most Elves do not speak Lo’Cras, though some have made it their business to learn it. mostly the Pilgrims who venture out of the wood whether for matters of High Elf business, or for their own curiosity.
Sylvan – Many fey creatures live in the Elfwood.
Primordial – Many elemental creatures live in the Elfwood.
Draconic – Many ancient creatures live in the Elfwood.

Ancient (Mountain) Dwarven – The ruling class language
Hill Dwarven – The working class language
Primordial – Many elemental creatures live in the mountains
Giant – Many Giants live in the mountains
Orc – Many Orcs live in the mountains


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