Kingdom of Riverhold

The Kingdom of Riverhold
Riverhold is a large kingdom occupying the territory south of the Serranzia Forest and the North coast of the Gilded Sea. It shares its Eastern boarders with Lothar, and its Southern boarders with Rathsia. The capital city of Riverhold is called Rockhome and it sits in the river delta at the end of the great Serranzia river that bisects the Forest. The majority of its population is human though it isn’t uncommon to see Kender from Rathsia, or even an elf from time to time.

The government is a loose Monarchy, the country is ruled by King Korlmat. Riverhold’s tradition are a mixture of Old Lotharian society and ancient Crastic Tribes both cultures that came to Serrade in exodus from the Eastern continent 120 years ago.

The people of Riverhold come from a lineage of Sailors, Explorers, and Barbarians. On the Eastern continent they were known as the Crastic Tribes. Known mostly for raiding Lotharian coastal lords. When the Wars that enveloped the Eastern continent threatened to consume both the tribes and the Lotharians, the Lotharians brokered peace. The Crastic Tribes would lend knowledge and skill in sailing and ship building, and in return the Lotharians would raise the Tribal rulers to Lordship and whatever new land they find would be divided evenly. Together the two cultures sailed West. For years they sailed, it was a trying time, a time of hardship, but eventually the two cultures gained mutual respect. Eventually they found Serrade.

After landing in this new and seemingly unclaimed world, and fighting the Elves that inhabited it, the old scars between the Lotharians and Tribes began to bleed anew. There was a civil war over the what the Crastic Tribes believed was their due. Lotharians in large did not hold up their end of the bargain. And so the tribes headed South seeking their own territory rather than fight a bloody and pointless battle.

A movement had began in the tribes, even before landfall in Serrade. The tribes were no long separate, spending years in the flotilla threaded the communities together. They had also seen what it was to have affluence, and aspired to the promises given to them by the Lotharians. They wanted to be Lords and Ladies, knights instead of raiders. So they shed the Crastic name. And when they found the roaring river delta that would cradle their new country, they called it Rockhome, after the massive Stone that sat at the center of it, serving as a beacon over the Gilded Sea.

While most Riverholders are embarrassed by their tribal past, and hate the mention of their Crastic heritage, there are other factions in their society who crave a return to their old ways. For this reason there are many shamans and barbarains that live on the fringe of their territories.

Elven Conflict
Riverholders fought alongside the Lotharians against the native Elves after arriving in Serrade. They served mainly as soldiers and not strategists. This was part of their complaint of not being respected. The conflict was short lived, a peace was brokered by the Lotharian Lords.

Lo’Cras War
This was a civil war that broke out between the Lotharians and the Crastic Tribes after it became clear that the Lotharians had no intention of holding up their end of the bargain. The war was short, lasting a little over a year. Both sides did not have the resources nor the infrastructure to sustain a long campaign. In the end the Crastic leadership decided it would be best to simply leave the Lotharians and head South to discover their own fortune.

Riverhold Skirmishes
When they Human Exodus came from the Eastern continent to Serrade, Crastic Tribes established themselves in the riverlands on the North shore of the Gilded Sea across from the Rathsian Empire. These lands, while not occupied by the Empire were always believed by the then living Emperor to belong to his nation. And so they set out to battle these newcomers. There were a few weeks of skirmishes before Lords of Riverhold realized that the Rathsians were not pirates and sought to treat with them.

The Starshah was a curious man and a scholar, and he found the Rivermen to be exotic. He saw that they lacked the resources to fight a war and so made a bet with them. If their brightest citizen could defeat him in a single game of Kact out of six, he would give them an alliance, if however they could not defeat him, they would join the Empire. The Lords of Riverhold thought him insane, but had no choice but to take the deal. They sent a Knight, the rebellious son of a Lotharian lord (who had taken sides with the Tribes and defected with them), the most educated amongst them to play. Though the boy was young he had been trained in military strategy since he learned to walk. Kact is a complicated game of strategy mixing a board with pieces and a special deck of cards based on the Rathsian caste system (Including the Otchaar). The Knight took three games just to understand the rules, and then in the fourth and fifth he lost badly. The sixth game he won by luck. To this day Kact is a favorite way to pass the time in Riverhold.

Cities and Strongholds
Rockhome – Rockhome is the capital city of Riverhold, it sits in the river delta where the Serranzia River runs into the Gilded Sea. There are Three major districts of the city:
*West Bank – The residential district for the middle and low class
*East Bank – The harbor and industry district
*Center – Where the Fortress sits, business is done, and the Military keeps its watch.

Kingdom of Riverhold

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