Kingdom of New Karguin

New Karguin
New Karguin is a kingdom that sits mainly in the Northern stretch of the Esterange Mountains. It reaches Westward to the coast, claiming the hills, plains, and forests of West Serrade, and it reaches East to the boarders of The Republic of Morodoc and the edge of the Serranzia Forest. It’s population is entirely Dwarven.

The government is ruled over by a Dwarven monarch. This works as typical monarchy differing in one major way: Rule is not passed down to the next generation, but instead to the next eligible family. There are 12 Ruling Families in the Dwarven kingdom. Each family rules in a rotating chain of succession. The families tend to be the same for a very long time, but sometimes bloodlines die out and another family moves up to fill this space. The families are determined by who posses the 12 pedigrees. These pedigrees are physical objects, the shape of which are kept unknown. Dwarven high priests are the only ones capable of verifying the authenticity of a pedigree.

New Karguin came to be when the Dwarven kingdom of beyond the The Blacsteel Mountains came under a blight of war. Overwhelmed, they made exodus South. To this day, in a pact with the Elves that gave them refuge they do not speak of those dark times, but neither do they forget them.

It was a simple thing for the Dwarves to establish New Karguin, named after their old kingdom in the North. The Mountains were uninhabited by any civilized race, and so they claimed it for themselves. Simple does not mean easy in this case however. While the mountains were not inhabited by reasoning creatures, it was inhabited by beasts and monstrosities. The Dwarves, being hardy and combat competent slowly began to take what they wanted from the wild and untamed mountains.

As they claimed Mt.Kardun, they gained a stable environment to settle. And with this security, the Dwarven population began to boom. They spread out East and West. Some dwarves craved a simpler life and broke off from the traditional monarchy, forming what would become The Republic of Morodoc.

New Karguin has enjoyed relative peace in their new home. The mine and expand their capitol deep into the earth and trade freely with Morodoc and the Elves of the Elfwood, even some trade makes it all the way to Lothar and Riverhold.

The Dwarves have known little of war since migrating south. But that is not to say they don’t see combat. Their mountain home brings danger from many different monsters and so the military is kept in fair shape.

Cities and Strongholds
Kardun – Capitol City of New Karguin
West Halls – Where many Dwarves have settled in the hills and plains West of the Esterange Mountains.

Kingdom of New Karguin

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