Kingdom of Lothar

Kingdom of Lothar
Lothar is a large kingdom occupying the Eastern coast of Serrade, the capital of which, Cavalon, is located on a Island just off the coast on the Exodus Ocean. It shares its Western borders with The Republic of Morodoc and the Elven Lands, and its Southern borders with Riverhold. It’s main population is human though it isn’t completely uncommon to see other races coming to Lotharian cities for trade.

The Government, keeping in the traditions of the former continent, is a monarchy. The Country is ruled by King Alaric and his royal court. There are many lords who govern the lands of Lothar, and their titles and rights are passed down through their bloodlines. It’s all very old-school.

Lothar is the first Human kingdom on Serrade, and it pretty much sprung up as soon as they landed on shore. A generation of humans from the old continent lived and died before making it across the Exodus (or so they say). The flag ship, Hope Sail, carried the aristocracy of the old world and they picked up ruling right where they left off. The Alarics were kings before the exodus, and they were kings after. It’s been a pretty good run.

This was not wholly satisfying to the people of the hundreds of lesser ships in the flotilla. The common stock, envisioned a land where they could make their own laws and governances. So they took off shortly after Lothar was established and journeyed to the Western Frontier which later became Morodoc.

Even still there was unhappiness, as the Barbarian Crastic Tribes who had given their ships for the promise of equal standing in the new world, found themselves once again looked down upon by old aristocratic bloodlines. They headed South looking for their own lands this became Riverhold.

These two defections, along with the Elfwood, organically created the boundaries of the Lotharian territories.

Lothar comes with a long history of martial and magical warfare. Their prowess with arcane magic pales in comparison to the Elves or the Wizards of the Rathsian Empire, they make up for it in their divine magic and devotion to Kohil “The Protector”.

Elven Conflict
Upon arrival the Lotharians were very quickly thrown into conflict with the Elves. The conflict was short only lasting a few months. A peace was brokered when the humans were able to explain why they had come to Serrade. Afterward the Elves were helpful, but not quite allies. A sort of don’t fuck with me/I won’t fuck with you scenario developed.

The Lo’Cras War
Before Riverhold was its own country there was a large union of Barbarian Tribes. The Tribes had provided the ships and and goods (at a profit) to cross the vast ocean to Serrade. They also provided much of the army used to fight the Elves on arrival. Because of this the Tribes wanted to be elevated to Lordship considering they were already powerful in all but title it seemed to them but a formality. The new country however was rich in lords and poor in nearly all other aspects. They needed the merchants, and workers to create a middle class, so they stayed as they were. This led to a civil war.

The war was short, both sides had little resource nor infrastructure to support one. In the end the Tribes simply left for the southern river lands and created Riverhold.

Kingdom of Lothar

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