Galeon's Vault

Galeon’s Vault (commonly referred to as “Troublton”) is the Eastern most city in The Republic of Morodoc.

Population: 10,000
Governed By: Lord Daniel Day Douglas
Defenses: Stone walls
Militia: 200 trained men, 300 untrained

Galeon’s Vault was one of the first human cities to expand Westward out of The Kingdom of Lothar. The city itself predates the Republic of Morodoc, and is the second oldest city in that country. It was founded by a banker named Galeon who settled in the area that served as a bustling trading post between Lothar and the Frontier after turning a profit. The city built up around his bank, which now serves as city hall. Or at least that’s what people say, there was no official record kept during those rough and tumble times.

Galeon’s Vault was the shining jewel of the Republic of Morodoc even as the capital was being built. It once boasted a thriving population of 70,000, a strong agricultural and trade economy, a powerful militia, and peaceful lands. It was where Lotharian diplomats came to negotiate treaties during the earliest days of the republic. Whichever Knight appointed to Lordship of the City and its lands was looked on as something of a king.

Galeon’s Vault and the villages under its lordship, until the last 20 years or so, enjoyed a booming agricultural trade, and very fertile lands. It was those lands that fed the human armies during the Human/Dwarf War, and for many years the Republic itself until the drought.

In the last 20 years the land for the most part has dried up. While it rains, and that water is drinkable, the land refused to bear but little harvest, and most of the population moved elsewhere for work.

Galeon’s Vault lost its great economic power. In an attempt to fix the issue, the Lord Duglas mounted an expedition to solve the mystery, only to go missing. The Council of the Republic, did not bother to replace him.

Then broke out the Second Wave War, where Orcs organized armies of Goblins to lay waste to the Republic. Galeon’s Vault, was not a prime target in this war, but sentiment for what it was brought troops to protect what little there was left to protect.

Without a Lord or an economy, the population dwindled to 10,000, who live meagerly off of what little crop the lands will yield. Without a strong population, the surrounding lands became dangerous to travel, as bands of Goblins and Orcs who survived the end of the war still occasionally raided the town.

Prospects for the city called Troubleton have begun to rise. A small team of heroes have managed to repel the source of the Goblin raids, return the lost Lord, and remove the source of the drought. Though it may take a number of years for these changes to bear fruit.

Galeon's Vault

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