Esterange Mountains

The Esternage Mountains
The Esterange Mountains stretch from The Northern Boundary all the way South to the badlands leading into the Rathsian Empire. The mountains sit West of the great Serranzia Forest. The largest mountain in the range is Kardun the interior of which serves as the Capital city of New Karguin.

West of the range lie the sparsely populated lands of West Serrade. This is where many of the Hill Dwarves make their homes and farm. In the Southern stretch there is a community of pacifistic Dwarves have built a city named Dustroc.

Dwarves – The mountains area mainly populated by Dwarves who made exodus from the far side of the Northern Boundary around 300 years ago. Most notably in the Northern stretch.

Halflings – There are some communities of Lightfoot Halflings that have settles in the mid-range of the mountains.

Monsters – There are all manner of monsters that live in the mountains, Giants, Ogres, and Orcs to name a few. The Esterange is by in large still untamed.

Esterange Mountains

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