Elves have long been stewards over most of Serrade. In fact, it is from the name of the God who created them, Serra, that the land gets its name. It is not known when the Elves came to the continent, or if they were created here by their god, but they have called it their home for over 3000 years. They live in the central wood called Serranzia, but have many pilgrims who travel the continent visiting old places of mystery and magic, and keeping the peace amongst Serrade’s kingdoms.

Types of Elves

  • High Elves
    Most high elves are wizards (or sorcerers once they make a cool arcane build for those) and their number is few. They are descended from very pure and ancient bloodlines. The high elf elders form a council that secretly decides and influences much of the fate of all the realms on the continent. Many are also gifted with limited prophecy, and this is why they seem to appear in places where significant events are about to transpire.
  • Wood Elves
    Wood Elves make up the majority of the Elven population. They are much greater in number, and due to their nonrestrictive breeding laws are much less prone to magical affinities. Wood Elves manage most of the work that goes into making Elven society run smoothly. They are farmers, craftsmen, and soldiers. The do this work gladly and hold no grievances about their social roles compared to their High Elf brethren, for High Elven life is filled entirely will duty and seldom is joy found in such duty.

Relationships with other Races

  • Elves and Dwarves
    They have always had a contentious but begrudgingly respectful relationship with the Dwarven people. Mostly peaceful because they contended over no lands, both preferring vastly different environments. When the Dwarves came from the North the Elves gave them safe harbor and helped them to establish their kingdom.
  • Elves and Halflings
    Elves treat these folk as inferiors, though in a very protective manner. Elves have guided and defended the small folk, and because of this coddling, view them as weak and incapable. For the most part they would be correct, the harsh world is no place for many Halflings, especially compared to the ancient and powerful Elven people, however more than a handful have come from these little people to surprise even the most incredulous of elves over the centuries.
  • Elves and Humans
    Humans are always a wild card. Ever since their arrival on Serrade humans have gone in many different directions, some human governments have been peaceful and diplomatic with the Elves such as Riverhold, others have been hostile such as Lothar. Because of these different relationships, Elves are more wary of Humans than other races. On rare occasions Elven and human individuals have been known to create deep bonds and even families, though these families tend to live in smaller communities outside of the great forest due to the Elven taboo of outsiders in their cities.


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