Elthensia is thought to be the Capital of the Kingdom of Elves and lies deep in the East Forest of the Serranzia. It is the seat of the High Council. The true size of the city is unknown, because it is less of a metropolis and more of a gathering of structures and dwelling centered around the High Tower where the council conducts its business, and the Elven Mages learn their arcane craft. The structures surrounding the tower spread out for many miles becoming less and less dense the further they are, no one has bothered to demarcate a city limit.

Population: Is unknown
Governed By: The Elven High Council
Defenses: Wards, and Mystery.
Army: A standing army of Elven soldiers, wizards, and clerics
City Guard: none, the Elves tend to police themselves.

The Founding of Elthensia is as unknown as the origin of the Elves themselves. Though it is safe to guess that it was based around the establishment of the High Tower, which has long been a college for wizards.

Elthensia is entirely self sustaining. Its inhabitants may trade with other settlements, but the city itself does no official trade with other cities or governments.

Most Elven structures are constructed amongst the branches of the massive Serranzian trees. Elves are no stranger to stonework (though maybe not as masterful as the Dwarves), combined with their reverential view of nature, their structures tend to look like artful sculptures, build in harmony with the terrain the stand upon.

Only the High Tower is constructed from the ground level. It is a massive building standing 1,250ft tall, impressively this only barely breaks the canopy under which it constructed. It is made of green marble, its exterior is craved with Elven spellform runes.

Over all, to the untrained eye, no one even notice the city surrounding the Tower. Whether this is due to the furtive engineering of the Elves, or to some perception altering magical ward, it would be hard to say. But in all likelihood it’s probably a mix of both.


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