Warriors Formerly of Draconian Spirit

Dragnir are members of a sect of the Serranzian Knighthood who lack a connection to arcane or divine magic, and often begin their training as troubled youths who lack the control and patience demanded of an armored Knight of the Old Wood.

The First Era
The Dragnir order was founded by an Elf named Shensaros who was a great hero in an earlier age. Shensaros returned to the Serranzia for a period of rest and reflection after a great many years of adventure. His sister was running an orphanage filled with a great many emotionally damaged children. Shensaros was dismayed to learn that there was no place in Elven society for children in such bad need for reform, so he started the Dragnir.

Dragnir principles focus on inner peace and discipline. They forgo magic and weapons in order to strengthen their spiritual resolve. This process allowed many of the orphans to cope with the losses suffered in the ancient war.

Shensaros’ work was praised by the High Council and thus allowed to join the Knighthood. The Arcane Circle and the Knights of the Old Wood looked at the orphans as inferior liabilities. The Dragnir could not shake this judgement for many hundreds of years, until the work of Selmond Thrusia.

The Second Era
Though the Dragnir had dwindled in numbers, having less orphans and emotionally damaged elves to recruit from thanks to an era of peace, the order still had a few dozen agents. One agent was Selmond Thrusia whose hard work and patience saw him rise to the position of Commander of the order.

Selmond’s major contribution was showing the high council that the Dragnir had more use than simply reforming troubled individuals. Through difficult cooperation with the Arcane Circle Selmond was able to prove that a Dragnir’s spiritual strength made them easier to prophesize. This discovery allowed the Council to use Dragnir in important, yet unclear prophecies that they do not believe Arcane expertise is necessary.

After this the Dragnir became known as Prophet Knights and their prestige increased, though they still are looked down upon by many in the other sects of Serranzian Knighthood.


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