creating a character

This is a guide to help you create a character in the Serrade Campaign setting. This campaign was built with the D&DNext Playtest in mind, and most likely the 5th edition.

Normally I tell people to Roll 4d6 and drop the lowest when generating scores. For this campaign, mostly for playtest reasons, I’ve been having people use the point buy system laid out in the packet.

Choosing races isn’t as straight forward as it is in the packet. I have a slightly different spin on the races in this setting, though for the most part I do follow the standard archetypes.

Humans – Humans are found in many places:
Republic of Morodoc – Think American West frontiersmen in medieval times.
Kingdom of Lothar – Think Medieval European, or Game of Thrones
Kingdom of Riverhold – Think Vikings, if Vikings tried to be English, lived in New Orleans.
Empire of Rathsia – Think Mid-East Mysticism, met with the Golden Age of Piracy

Elves – Elves are found in:
Serranzia Forest – Elves are rare and mysterious in this setting. Think Jedi.

Dwarves – Dwarves are found in two places:
Republic of Morodoc – Think American West frontiersman, but also Dwarves.
Kingdom of New Karguin – These guys are more or less straightforward Dwarves

Halflings – Halflings come from two places:
Serranzia Forest – These guys aren’t super adventurous. Think Hobbits.
The Vales – Think adventurous Hobbits, that a still a little xenophobic.

Kender – Kender live in one place:
Empire of Rathsia – Think not Hobbits. Think Pirates. Think badass Jawas.

Warforged – Warforged come from one place.
Talk to me about playing a warforged.

Races not being used, yet.
Dragonborn – Dragonborn do have a place in my campaign, but they haven’t been introduced yet. If you REALLY want to play one, maybe we can talk.
Gnomes – Hate Gnomes. I won’t ever put them in my game. Sorry.


BARBARIANS are likely to come from the following places:
Kingdom of Riverhold – Either straight up barbarians from the boonies, or Lords and Knights who fight like Barbarians from the cities.
Empire of Rathsia – The Pridech tribes of the dessert are barbarians.

BARDS are likely to come from the following places:
Literally anywhere.

CLERICS likely to come from the following places:
Kingdom of Lothar – Worshiping primarily Kohil The Protector.
Kingdom of Riverhold – Worshiping primarily Denheel The Stormcaller
Republic of Morodoc – Worshiping primarily JevezThe Lightbringer.
Serranzia Forest – Worshiping primarily Serra The Lifegiver.
Empire of Rathsia – Worshiping primarily Reyen The Arcanist.
Kingdom of New Karguin – Worshiping primarily Bruke The Warbringer.

DRUIDS likely come from:
Serranzia Forest – Elves and Halflings in tune with Nature.
Kingdom of Riverhold – Crastic Shamans.
Empire of Rathsia – Desert Mystics.

FIGHTERS likely come from:

MAGES – likely come from:
Serranzia Forest – Elves are known for their Arcane mastery.
Kingdom of Lothar – Magic is rare in Lothar, but not unknown.
Empire of Rathsia – Magic is highly regulated in Rathsia, but it is often used and worshiped. Illusionists especially.
Republic of Morodoc – Only War Wizards here, not much room for elegance.
Kingdom of New Karguin – Enchanters, and War Wizards.

MONKS – likely come from:
Serranzia Forest – The Elven Dragnir, specially trained Knights of the High Council.
Empire of Rathsia – A few Pridech Tribes have dedicated themselves to bodily perfection.

PALADINS likely come from:
Kingdom of Lothar – True Knights of the kingdom.
Kingdom of New Karguin – Champions of Battle.
Kingdom of Riverhold – Wardens of the Storm.
Serranzia Forest – Warriors of Life and Light.

RANGERS likely come from:
Serranzia Forest – Elves that protect the lost.
Republic of Morodoc – Frontiersmen who settle the wilds and guide the weak.
Empire of Rathsia – Desert masters that navigate the sands.

ROUGES All places have thieves and assassins, rakes and swindlers but none as much as:
Empire of Rathsia – home of pirates, gamblers, and killers galore.

4. Languages
The setting’s Languages can be found HERE

creating a character

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