The Story So Far...

The Cleric in the Ruined Tower
The town of Troubleton put out a call for help concerning their problems with goblin raids. The adventurers Ratherford and Champstein answered. They ventured up into the narrow valleys and passes near the mountain village and found a ruined tower. Inside they found a cleric in the service to Martin, who was attempting to create an army of undead goblins. This cleric had been sent by Troubleton to stop the initial goblin raids, which had grown worse since his disappearance. They killed the necromancer before he could finish his rite. They found a jeweled sword in his possession which they used to slay a dark spirit that had presumably tainted the faith of the cleric.

The Sword of Lord Douglas
The heroes returned to Troubleton and discovered that the sword had once belonged to the Knight Lord of the city, Lord Daniel Day Douglas. The lord had been missing for 20 years and his son, Doug Douglas asked Ratherford and Champstein, along with a new found friend Red Landsfield to discover the fate of his father, who was last seen heading North into the dangerous Blacsteel Mountains in search of a way to end the mystical drought on their lands.

The Vampire in the Tainted Temple
The party went forth and after traveling for many days discovered an ancient temple of Jeebs. Inside the temple they uncovered the presence of darkness, and discovered the still living body of Lord Douglas, though withered it was. Douglas had come to this temple 20 years ago and found a vampire tainting the magical spring that ran to the lands of Galeon’s Vault (the true name of Troubleton}. The Knight Lord managed to seal the vampire in the temple, but not before suffering a great wound. The would was healed by drinking water from a pool of the spring that had been sectioned off before the tainting, but the two forces forced Douglas into a coma.

After hearing Lord Douglas’ tale, the adventurers went deeper in the temple to find the Knight’s old foe. They did find the vile creature and slay him, and uncovered correspondence giving evidence to a planned invasion. After defeating the vampire, the team found the tainted spring. The cleric, Ratherford, was able to beseech his god in helping him remove the artifact causing the corruption. In doing so, a blinding divine light came down, and both the artifact and Ratherford were gone.

Reunions and Vincent
Champstein and Red brought Lord Douglas back to Galeon’s Vault to reunite with his son. During this time they became aware of a conflict between the acting mayor and a bounty hunter named Sebastian Steelheart. The night before Sebastian had tracked his bounty to Troubleton, and in the process of apprehending him had burned down a building. After this the mayor reluctantly agreed to keep the bounty in his jail, being that the bounty was a very high profile criminal named Vincent Grailmore who had stolen no small amount of money from a Dwarven senator of Morodoc, so long as Sebastian left with the prisoner in the morning.

That night proved to be tricky however. Sebastian was framed with steeling an important artifact to Galeon’s Vault, A map that the lord of the city is charged with protecting “even over the safety of the city itself.” The framing was done by a mysterious figure in a blue cloak. Red and Champstein were willing to help Sebastian clear his name, finding an opportunity to make an ally that was planning on making the same long trek back to Morodon. So they sent the letter about the impending invasion ahead with a messanger and set about the mystery of the missing map. Later, after much searching, the map was unexpectedly found in Sebastian’s belongings by the party, and they were able to fabricate a story as to how they found it. With that Lord Douglas gave his blessing to the party, and they left with Sebastian’s bounty in tow.

The Orc Caves, The Bounty Snatchers
A day later, on the road the heroes found the signs of a conflict. After investigating they found that their messenger had been ambushed by orcs. Further off the road they found a cave where Orcs had taken the poor man to eat. They killed the beasts but the man was already dead, they recovered the letter of evidence. While this was happening, the party had left Vincent unguarded, and the Blue Cloak attempted to take him. The party was able to thwart the attempt and recover the half-elf.

After all the action of the day, the party decided to stay in the cave for the night. During the rest a group of mercenaries also attempted to steal Vincent away, but these men were killed as handily as the orcs. Still needing time to rest, the group decided to move camp to another cave. Somewhere in there Red tried to trust an Orc, it ended badly for the Orc.

The Ferngate Trap

A day later the party was camping near an old farming community, that had thrived during the Dwarf/Human war called Ferngate, when they heard the sounds of a chase booming through the woods. They found a young girl being rode down by a group of thugs. The heroes fought them and killed all but one. The girl told of an old rival of Sebastian’s named Drake Hunter who had brought mercenaries and taken over of the small town of Ferngate. All the townsfolk were being held captive in the basement of the old mansion in the center of town. The Merc, named Greygen confirmed this story, and Red paid the man to turn on Drake and deliver a message of the wrong doing to Lord Douglas in Galeon’s Vault. While this happened Blue Cloak made another attempt to steal Vincent but the attempt was blocked by Champstein, and it was determined that they mysterious cloaked figure was a woman.

The party took the girl to a broken down barn near the town, and created a plan to gather information on Hunter’s camp. Red walked into the front of town, pretending to be visiting family. The town looked empty so he went into the mansion, where he was confronted by mercenaries and eventually captured and put with the rest of the prisoners in the basement.
At this point Sebastian and Champstein approached the town flanking. A large group of mercenary riders entered the village on horse back and shortly after that, conflict broke out.

Red was killed in an explosion while attempting to protect defenseless villagers. The remaining heroes were over their heads with the larger number of mercenaries outside.

Gildor and The Death of Drake Hunter
An Elven Dragnir, Gildor Arcarin was sent to this location, because something important was supposed to happen at this day and time. He could see the conflict in the dilapidated town. He rode in and found Champstein and Sebastian in the fight of their life, and he chose to help them. The battle waged on, Red’s body was used in an attempt to get the heroes to surrender, but they did not.

The action broke however, and Sebastian used it to check on Vincent, who had been stashed in one of the houses. He was missing, but quickly found tied to a post behind the building. Sebastian saw Blue Cloak leading the villagers out of the Mansion cellar. After doing so came back to take Vincent. That’s when Sebastian learned that Blue Cloak and wasted her opening to take the bounty in order to save the captives. He attempted to negotiate with her but it turned into a fight, wherein she nearly took on Sebastian, Champstein, and Gildor single-handedly. She did make her escape however.

The heroes then used the opportunity that her rescue had created for them and set the mansion ablaze to smoke out Drake. When Hunter and his remaining henchmen emerged, they were quickly defeated and Gildor summarily executed Drake.

Wriath/Agatha Swamps
The party buried Red, and then returned to the girl in the barn. The party had learned that the girl was a trap sent by Drake, after telling her that her family was safe, they sent her away. Exhausted, they decided to camp in the barn for the night. In the middle of their rest, Blue Cloak appeared and wanted to talk.

She began by asking about Red’s death. That is when the party learned that she was Red’s lost wife Agatha Swamps for whom he was searching for. She works for the The Spiral under the codename Wraith and her mission is to capture Vincent for that organization because of his High Elven bloodline. Her love for Red is why she didn’t outright attack, or kill any of the party. They learned about her son, whom The Spiral has been holding hostage in exchange for her services.

They debated for a few hours about how to best help her without giving up Vincent. Eventually Gildor was able to convince her that she could find safe harbor with the Elves and they could scry for the location of her son and mount a rescue. Vincent agreed to cooperate, sensing that his safety lie with his current company, rather than taking his chances against The Spiral on his own.

The Golem in the Ruined Outpost
After days of making their way toward the secret Elven city of Elthensia in the Serranzia, Wraith seemed to be getting ill. She told them that the pendant on her neck allowed her handlers to track and control her, and that taking it off would kill her. This prompted Gildor to guide the group to a forbidden shortcut, a military outpost from a long forgotten war.

Inside the outpost they found evidence of an attack by an enemy of the elves called “The Dark Ones” who were attempting to seize an important asset that had been captured. The secret passage to the city was sealed, but the party were able to find the solution while fighting through all manner of monster that had turned the abandoned outpost into a home.

They came to a prison cell, inside of which was a dormant golem which spoke old elven. The golem was sentient and had been created to fight for the Dark Ones. The golem thought Gildor was one of the enemy who had deliberately kept him prisoner for so many countless years. The golem and the party fought, but the party decided not to kill him. Vincent was sent in to reason with it. Eventually the golem was convinced that his war had ended long ago, and that the dark ones no longer controlled him. He chose to live, as long as the party agreed to let him go free and not tell the elves of his existence. They agreed.

The adventurers found the passage to the hidden elven city, a two day long underground hall that ended in a mystic grotto with a spring. Each drinking from the spring fell into a slumber, only to awaken in a similar grotto with another two day long passage that led to a cave filled with malicious dryads close to Elthensia.

In the city, the party found respite in the Tower of Elders. Wraith received treatment, and Vincent was held for questioning. The party was taken to speak with the High Council individually.


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