Vincent Grailmore

A half-elfen lothario with important ties to the past.


Vincent is very handsome and well spoken. His charm gets him in as much trouble as it gets him out of.


Vincent is a Half-Elf descended from an important lost High Elven bloodline: The Tithamen. His father Aldor exiled himself from Elven society after falling in love with a human woman from Lothar whose last name was presumably Grailmore.

Vincent grew up not being accepted by either culture, though human society tends to be more accepting of Half-Elves, and some humans find them to be exotic. Vincent has made his way on charm alone. Often finding himself under the care of mistresses, other times using his charm to run cons on women for their fortunes (or portions of them at any rate).

Most recently he was caught performing this bit of dishonesty on a Dwarven daughter of a Morodocian Senator. A rather high bounty of 500,000gp was placed on his head. Drawing the attention of a great many bounty hunters as well as others.

He was eventually apprehended by Sebastian Steelheart in the town of Galeon’s vault, the incident involved the burning down of a building. After being captured by Steelheart, he was pursued by a rival “bounty hunter” named Drake Hunter, and a mysterious figure wearing a blue cloak. Eventually Drake was killed, and the mysterious figure was revealed.

The figured ended up being a woman who goes by the codename " Wraith " who works for a hidden organization called The Spiral. She did not know what her organization needed him for, but she was able to reveal that it had something to do with his bloodline.

Vincent was then delivered by Steelheart’s party to the Elven city of Elthensia. Where he is being kept under close watch.

Vincent Grailmore

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