Selmond Thrusia

The Commander of Dragnir


A stately Elven man, with long golden hair, and an air of patience, competence, and melancholy.


Selmond is an Elder in the High Elven hierarchy, but he is not a member of the High Council. He holds great sway because of his service, and has been groomed for a council position. It may be another hundred years or so before he will have such an opportunity.

Captain of the Dragnir
Selmond has long commanded the Dragnir, a sect of the Serranzian Knighthood, bringing it up from an order that was once pitied by the Arcane Circle, to a position of respect over many hundreds of years.

Selmond is Gildor Arcarin’s commanding officer, and likely the only person who truly likes him. He taught Gildor everything he knows.

Selmond Thrusia

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