Drake Hunter

A bored son of a rich ruling family in Morodoc, a "Bounty Hunter". Deceaced


Drake Hunter was the son of a rich and powerful politician of The Republic of Morodoc named Rycrest Hunter. Drake grew up with everything his heart desired, which often takes the edge off of ambition. He was taught the ways of combat, and through hearing the exploits of his tutors gained a love of thrilling adventures.

Thus when he came of age he threw himself, and his father’s gold, into bounty and treasure hunting. Having very little of the skill these types of ventures require, he would commonly hire mercenaries to accompany him and do the lion’s share of the work. This made the jobs easy, which infuriated the other adventurers who had to keep a much lower overhead in contrast to Hunter, who didn’t care if he made a profit or not.

Drake met his end while trying to steal a bounty from Sebastian Steelheart. He had taken over a small town named Ferngate and used is as his base of operations. Eventually when Sebastian and his party came near the town, he sent a girl from the town to lure them into a trap. The trap led to a a series of skirmishes in and around the Ferngate Mansion, one of which took the life of Sebastian’s partner Red Landsfield. Partway through the confrontation an Elven Dragnir named Gildor Arcarin appeared to aid the party. Eventually Drake ran out of mercenaries and was forced to fight the group, he was captured. The party debated bringing Hunter back to Morodon to answer for his crimes, but he was decapitated by Gildor, before the issue could be resolved.

Drake Hunter

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