An acient Warforged soldier, survivor of a forgotten Elven war, looking for new purpose.


Crixus-3 was found chained to a wall in the dungeon of an abandoned Elven military base. Set free by Champstein Dale, Gildor Arcarin, and Sebastian Steelheart.

He was next seen held captive by evil Hags in an ancient ruin. He was rescued by Ratherford Lightbringer and Tica Rush, in turn he led them back to their ship before running into the forest.

He eventually put down roots in a Halfling hamlet in the Western Wood. The hamlet was the site of an old Warforged factory. His presence activated a dormant beacon, which began to attract the attention of Gnolls. He defended the hamlet from Gnoll attacks for weeks when serendipitously Champstein, Ander Longwind, Ratherford, Tica, and Kincade Flameheart arrived. With their assistance in shutting off the factory re-call signal, Crixus was able to repel the final wave of attacks.

Now he plans to venture into the factory and find some purpose in his dark past.



Serrade Campydraper