Agatha Landsfield

Agatha Landsfield. AKA Blue-Cloak. AKA Wraith. Ex-agent of The Spiral, who once tried to live a normal life.


Tall and beautiful in a rugged sort of way. Usually wears a blue cloak and carries a scimitar Frost Brand.


Wraith’s true name is not known, she was raised as a member of The Spiral from a young age. This past is shrouded in secret.

Twelve years ago she escaped The Spiral to make her own life, she enlisted to be a field medic during the Second Wave War the Republic of Morodoc fought against the Orcs and Goblins. While serving, she met and fell in love with Red Landsfield. A few years later, after the war, they married and had a son.

Wraith adopted the name Agatha Swamps and she never told her husband about her real history. For a while she was able to hide from her past with the Spiral, but eventually they found her. After they took her son she was forced to work for The Spiral once more. She left Red wondering where his family had gone.

About a year later, fate would bring husband and wife together again. Red was assisting Sebastian Steelheart and Champstein Dale in bringing in a bounty wanted by a Morodocian senator, who was also a person of interest to The Spiral. Wraith found herself pursuing her husband and his companions. Fate would steal her chance for reconciliation however, because Red died in the line of action. This emotional loss forced her to come forth to his companions. they offered her protection from The Spiral under the Elves, and a promise to rescue her son, which she has reluctantly agreed to accept.

UPDATE 10/11/13
Since leaving Agatha in Elthensia Gildor was called back. He and Agatha traveled looking to rescue her son. Eventually they tracked him to a sweatshop posing as an orphanage run by Spiral agents. They attempted a rescue mission, but complications interfered. The Spiral escaped with the boy. Agatha pursued to no avail. Afterward she agreed to help Gildor in a mission to protect and escort high value targets back to Elthensia. Their friendship grew quite close in this time.

Unfortunately they failed to protect one of the targets. Agatha struck a deal with Janon Gejaska agreeing to save his Captain, if he would help Gildor with the other target. She hasn’t been seen since.

Agatha Landsfield

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