• Ander Longwind

    Ander Longwind

    A fast-talking Halfling with an unusual love of adventures and few scruples as to which ones he undertakes.
  • Champstein Dale

    Champstein Dale

    A retired soldier of the Folk Brigade seeking adventure and renown, finding fate and danger.
  • Gildor Arcarin

    Gildor Arcarin

    Elven Monk, servant of the High-Elven council
  • Indrid Goodfellow

    Indrid Goodfellow

    A Curious Illusionist who doesn't buy the lie, man.
  • Janon Gejaska

    Janon Gejaska

    A mighty warrior from the dessert Pridech tribes of Rathsia, making his fortune on the Gilded Sea.
  • Kincade Flameheart

    Kincade Flameheart

    A High Lord of Lothar, Secret Wizard in service to the King.
  • Ratherford Lightbringer

    Ratherford Lightbringer

    A Cleric of Jeebs bringing the light of justice to a darkening world, also sometimes a statue.
  • Red Landsfield

    Red Landsfield

    A retired War-Mage from in the Folks Brigade of Morodoc. Set out to find his wife and son. Deceased.
  • Samcelot the Keen

    Samcelot the Keen

    A Proud Paladin of Lothar in service to his leige, Kincade Flameheart.
  • Sebastian Steelheart

    Sebastian Steelheart

    A down on his luck bounty hunter who died in a pit of acid.
  • Tica Rush

    Tica Rush

    Orphaned princess, raised by pirates, trained to kill, hunry for revenge.
  • Trivden Mortmon

    Trivden Mortmon

    Halfing Assassin, friend of Pirates
  • Agatha Landsfield

    Agatha Landsfield

    Agatha Landsfield. AKA Blue-Cloak. AKA Wraith. Ex-agent of The Spiral, who once tried to live a normal life.
  • Beck


    A refugee slave child that was posessed by Spirts for 3 years.
  • Captain Hallon

    Captain Hallon

    Outlaw surrogate father to the orphaned princess, Tica Rush.
  • Captain Holscot

    Captain Holscot

    Captain of the ship Serra's Smile
  • Captain Jerek

    Captain Jerek

    A Captain in the "Folks Brigade" of the Republic of Morodoc. Often over worked.
  • Crixus-3


    An acient Warforged soldier, survivor of a forgotten Elven war, looking for new purpose.
  • Doug Douglas

    Doug Douglas

    Son of Lord Douglas of Galeon's Vault.
  • Drake Hunter

    Drake Hunter

    A bored son of a rich ruling family in Morodoc, a "Bounty Hunter". Deceaced
  • Greygen


    A mercenary.
  • Immeral


    Ranger of the Western Wood.
  • King Alaric

    King Alaric

    King of Lothar
  • King Korlmat

    King Korlmat

    The dying Dwarven king of New Karguin.
  • Lord Daniel Day Douglas

    Lord Daniel Day Douglas

    Lord of Galeon's Vault, protector of the map.
  • Roscoe Bushgather

    Roscoe Bushgather

    A kindhearted and cowardly Halfling, owner of a cozy Inn called The Rooster.
  • Selmond Thrusia

    Selmond Thrusia

    The Commander of Dragnir
  • Shy Shelly

    Shy Shelly

    A slave trader, gambler, and gangster.
  • Stairmen


    The shadow of the north.
  • Timrek Wardok

    Timrek Wardok

    A tragic Dwarven warrior, king in waiting, blackmailed into performing evil deeds.
  • Vincent Grailmore

    Vincent Grailmore

    A half-elfen lothario with important ties to the past.
  • Yarot Ven

    Yarot Ven

    Ex-Member of The Spiral